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Intervju med Patrik Willard

January 9, 2018

Idag har vi snackat lite programmering, test, undervisning och annat med Patrik Willard. Patrik jobbar med test på Ericsson. 

Name: Patrik Willard

Age: 36 or something...

Education: Bachelor degree (The programme was Software Engineering and Management @ ITU, but didn't complete some of the necessary courses to get a "BSc in applied IT" or whatever the title would have been)

Funniest moment in your carrier: First of all, I have to be /that/ guy... s/carrier/career/ Secondly, do you really mean funniest, or more like "happiest/most rewarding"? Funniest: got to experience a "bedlam-dl4"-style "reply-all" mail storm Happiest: the realization that the impostor syndrome guilt I'd been carrying around was mostly unfounded.

Main programming language: Python, hands down, for reasons such as:

  • Batteries included (cue relevant xkcd 353)
  • The whitespace thing (indented code is readable code)

Python simply made programming fun again, and that's what I write mostly, both at work and privately.

Favorite editor: That would be Vim (but before I start a religious war, let it be known that if I were logged onto a system that had vi, emacs, sed, ed, and nano, I'd pick emacs, sed, nano or ed, in that order, before using vi.)

Favorite datatype: Shit I don't know... it it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... y'know? Otherwise I guess booleans are pretty cool.

Favorite annoyance: Managers and/or other decision makers having no clue about the decisions they're making, or how it affects others.

Wish I knew how to...: plan my time better.

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Most of the stuff I write tend to be imperative. I might create a class here and there, but usually they end up being more of "data-containers-with-some-useful-processing-functions-attached", rather than something layered with interfaces and the likes.

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