Juneday - Tankar om pedagogik och programmering

Intervju med Jozsef Csongvai och Johan Lorentzon

February 26, 2018

I fredags snackade vi programmering, undervisning och annat med Jozsef Csongvai och Johan Lorentzon. Det mesta av samtalet kretsade (surprise!!) om pedagogik/didaktik med många intressanta reflektioner dessa båda till oss tidigare elever. 


Jozsef Csongvai

Name: Jozsef Csongvai

Age: 31

Education: Java Enterprise (YH), Bachelor of science in business & economics

Funniest moment in your carrier: once named a reference to a JSON Transporter object: jsonStatham

Main programming language: Java

Favorite editor: IntelliJ for java, VS Code for basically anything else.

Favorite datatype: THC is mindblowing. (Typesafe Heterogeneous Container)

Favorite annoyance: NullPointerException

Wish I knew how to...: write code in assebly language

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Love the concept of functions as first class citizens, and hope to go all-in functional some day. Until then, I'm quite happy with a balanced and somewhat contradictory mix of OO and functional.



Johan Lorentzon

Name: Johan Lorentzon

Age: 31

Education: Almost Bachelor degree in Construction Engineering. Made the classic ”mistake” of starting to work too soon. Java Enterprise 2 år (ni professorer vet väl kanske vad en sådan utbildning på YH heter på engelska?)

Funniest moment in your carrier: Chaned ownership of / on my workstation first day of work and asked devops why my shit wasn’t working

Main programming language: Java

Favorite editor: VS Code (Javascript) IntelliJ (Java)

Favorite datatype: JSON, Optional

Favorite annoyance: People chewing with open mouths. I mean, what the f?

Wish I knew how to...: Make a computer game

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Must I choose? Java with streams and Lambda. Do not have that much knowledge about imperative yet, some from Javascript and I really like the immutability approach you need in imperative.


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