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Interview with Magnus Hagander

April 24, 2018

Yesterday. we had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Magnus Hagander - the winner of this year's Nordic Free Software Award. Well deserved after years of hacking and working for PostgreSQL. ... and needless to say, the focus for the interview was programming, education and pedagogy and believe it or not databases.


Name: Magnus Hagander

Age: 41. (Drat, should've postponed the interview until next year)

Education: Not-quite-complete Msc in computer science from KTH in Stockholm.

Funniest moment in your career: Funniest or funnest?

Main programming language: Does SQL count? Evenso, it's probably still Python, with SQL in second.

Favorite editor: Emacs (you had to go there..)

Favorite datatype: tstzrange

Favorite annoyance: Tabs vs spaces!

Wish I knew how to...: Make a UI that doesn't look like crap when I build my own simple webapps (or other apps for that regard)

OO, functional, imperative... or?: declarative? Or just an unholy mix.



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