Juneday - Tankar om pedagogik och programmering

Interview with Johan Thelin

August 25, 2017

Today we've spoken to Johan Thelin about pedagogy, programming and tons of other things. 30 mins approx.

Name: Johan Thelin

Age: 38 (born 1979)

Education: MSc E.E., or as the exam says, Civilingenjör. Studied at Chalmers. 

Funniest moment in your carrier: Funny as in laughable might have been when something failed spectacularly (I cannot remember anything specific that works out of context right now).

My most enjoyable moments usually are the end of the worst moments. Showing a great demo at CES after having done a real crunch over Christmas, or seeing my writing in print after having worked on it for more than a year.

Main programming language: C++

Favorite editor: QtCreator, kate and vim, depending on what I do.

Favorite datatype: I like the nibble. Almost forgotten.

Favorite annoyance: Using the wrong tool for the wrong problem. Currently, I really despise desktop programs based on web frameworks. How could I do DTP on a single megabyte if you need half a gigabyte to show instant messages?

Wish I knew how to...: Manage my time properly and finish my tasks on time :-)

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Depends on the task. I tend to think in data structures and how to modify them. Sometimes it makes sense to wrap that into objects, sometimes it does not.

Johan Thelin

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